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Peer to Peer Fundamentals are most effective in an environment of collective support. In order to proliferate intervention services, we acknowledge the dire need for continued support of Treatment Court graduates and their families, as well as those who have chosen long-term sobriety. Individuals who have survived addiction are valuable assets to restorative measures and the progress process of their peers. New Mexico Alumni In Recovery recognizes the strong impact of lived experience and we are on a mission to empower others who are vital in changing the narrative and dynamic to model what recovery looks like. NMAIR is an organization driven to stand up to the odds and embrace opportunities to walk beside those who are able to commit and willing to persist. Membership within our organization is intended to extend Friendship, Mentorship, and Fellowship.

As the AFTERLIFE Peer Support Network grows, our team's approach to self development and self efficacy encourages these hidden pillars of hope to embrace their journey as a resource for enlightening others like themselves. We are conducting and promoting our Peer Support Network to decrease recidivism and restore relationships with loved ones and impacted communities. The core values of respect, concern, validation, and accountability are a prevalent group of standards that enable renewal of minds and self images. As those in recovery honor the hard work involved with overcoming addiction, NMAIR continues to overstand and commend the positive aspects of Treatment Courts and those affiliated who aid in supporting the efforts to enable positive changes for individuals, families and our communities . THANK YOU TO ALL GAMECHANGERS!!! The potential to Revive, Refresh and Restore is made available through Maintenance Coaching and Mindset Management Courses.