• Bridging the gap between Continued Support Services

  • Ensure Treatment Court and residential programs have the expertise of graduates

  • Reliable resource to implement and improve the successful outcome for Alumni

  • Provide workshops that focus on self-development and Mindset Management

  • Maintenance Coaching is used as a tool to expand gateways to success

  • Development of Peer to Peer Fundamentals provide opportunities that enable support for Alumni Graduates

  • Create a revolving cycle that enables these Alumni to become mentors themselves

This process is called Revolutionary Recovery and is the momentum for the Afterlife Peer Support Network. The passion to help our communities, while making sure individuals in recovery have opportunities to share within the network of "GAMECHANGER4LIFE" Outreach Mentors. This proactive approach to life-long recovery enables lived experience to govern our practices. NMAIR celebrates the success of the participants with the recovery community by hosting family oriented events that provide opportunities for resolve and inclusive methods to show appreciation for affiliates of Treatment Courts. These are powerful people making a monumental change in each other’s lives and that is a call for celebration. NMAIR wants to make sure the participants, their families and professionals are able and equipped to build a lasting friendship and success through growth, guidance, education, and celebration.