New Mexico Alumni In Recovery began with the lived experience of our founder, Carlos F. Gonzales, who recognized the need for peer support and mentorship within the Treatment Courts. In 2020, Carlos took the initiative to find supporters of this integral mission to bring his vision to life. Working along side fellow graduates of Treatment Courts, as well as educators and behavioral health experts, the endeavors of NMAIR took place and made opportunities for growth, and support to encourage others to use their lived experiences of overcoming addiction and the aftermath by turning it all around and passing strength and hope on to like-minded individuals. In moving forward with his career, Carlos has enabled the supportive efforts of affiliates of the courts to recognize the importance of Alumni Mentors and services to improve the quality of life for those who choose to stay on the right track and Carlos definitely is a prime example of what recovery looks like- With much gratitude for all of the great works of those involved in starting this great project, NMAIR mentors are determined to keep this mission and vision moving forward. Sincere thanks to you Carlos... Moving forward, never going back.

Carlos F. Gonzales - Founder

Carlos F. Gonzales is a native New Mexican, born and raised. Carlos is 53 years old, married with 6 daughters and 3 granddaughters. His career is in state government as a Statewide Program Manager with the Administrative Office of the Courts, Department for Therapeutic Justice, as well as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor, and property manager. Since entering the First Judicial District Drug Court Program in Santa Fe New Mexico in March 2001, he worked at Albertson’s for eight years as a customer service manager overseeing the hiring, training, and implementation of staff and programs. In 2007 Carlos moved his career to join the State of New Mexico. He is currently a member of the National Treatment Court Alumni Association and is a speaker on the local, state, and national level. Carlos is a recovering alcoholic and addict and has been in recovery for 21 years. Carlos is a licensed counselor and serves the court treatment programs exclusively. Carlos is hoping to help others find peace, a solution to addiction, and a future of happiness as he strongly believes in what he does.

“I am truly blessed to have the opportunities that have been given me, and I do not take life lightly. I work hard, play hard, and do my best to keep healthy and strong. I believe life should be shared, not just lived, and we all should be proud of who and what we are no matter how that may look.”