About Us

As a team, New Mexico Alumni In Recovery delivers effective collaboration to mobilize comprehensive strategies of inclusive and relational engagement. With intent to build a sustainable support system, participants are offered continued support services to establish tools for self-development. Alumni mentors utilize lived experience to present what empowers a restorative process enabling peers to put plans into action. Achievements are acknowledged by respecting each other's strengths and embracing one another's differences. Familial regard acts in accordance as a secure and dependable circle of trust. Alumni of this organization have the necessary experience that offers guidance to Treatment Court participants, including other candidates driven towards maintaining sobriety. Those who are Able to be Willing have the attitude it takes to achieve life-long recovery. NMAIR mentors emulate the results of accountability, dedication and concern. In the event of participants becoming Alumni members, the cycle of overcoming addiction builds endurance and lives on for those to come.

Alumni Mentors

MonTeil Williams

CPSW-Peer Intervention Specialist, Workshop Developer, Inspirational Speaker, Occupational Life Coach, Creative Writer

In August 2021, MonTeil successfully graduated as an Alumni from Thirteenth Judicial Adult Treatment Court. Surviving 23 years of substance use, painstaking experiences and harsh realities proved to be a blessing in disguise. Restoration was achieved by embracing transferable skills and personal attributes with integral intent. Recognizing the need for continued support services, these helpful dynamics became inspiration to “pay it forward”. Through procreation of collective support and intervention modules, the door has opened for individuals who share in the experience of dual diagnosis coupled with recidivism. These specialized platforms develop resourceful Peer Mentors, offer Self-Development Training, and Motivational Workshops to reiterate the importance of believing in personal assets and trusting the recovery process. Through teamwork, this peer support network has been created to encourage a healthy mindset and enable life-long stability. As opportunities for growth are provided, success lives on, allowing individuals a chance to step out of the box created by addiction and embark on a journey of self discovery…

“Step out to step into your destiny

As the change you want to see.”

Rebecca Bailey

CPSW- Crisis Intervention Specialist, Outreach Mentor, Care Coordinator

As an advocate for New Mexico's recovery community, Becca continues to stand strong, serving a healthy dose of mentorship to individuals who struggle with substance misuse. Mental health and wellness are a concern and enable her passion to encourage others to work through their trauma and consider the pathway to recovery. Obtaining credentials as a Certified Peer Support Worker has propelled her desire to reach out and empower the essence of continued support. Within 15 years of sobriety, Becca has taken initiative to create chances for change when opportunities have been presented. The epidemic of overdoses and suicide are a heart-rendering reason to strive for healing and advancement of those who relate to the hardships of overcoming life's predisposed issues. Modeling what it takes to move forward has proven to be helpful to those who are seeking innovative strategies that enable treatment and recovery despite dual diagnosis. With an optimistic attitude, the key elements of guiding others towards mental health and stability are being delivered. Awareness through relational engagement is a specialty used to enhance survivor's lives and NMAIR truly appreciates the diversity and lived-experience brought to younger generations with integral intent.

"It is what it is, and what it is, is what you make it."